John Cage
Sound as living form

What I am left with from Cage is not really important; reconducting his unmanning poetry to an individualistic outlook is a contradiction.
The things that he left us - even to those who do not realize it - are many. I wrote 10 aspects on 10 sheets and randomly picket two of them:
1) The sounds of Cage protrude, they are called by the musician in a quivering wait. To await is to be in a state of grace, the only way that allowa for the welcoming of sounds to bulge out. Sound goes to the musician who evoked it, as the leaves follow the wind, in a rediscovered enchantment.
2) The artistic though of Cage philosophizes beyond, it is a further knowledge, because art is an extraordinary sign which leads to a plurality of dimensions, creating a particolar art/world relationship, it is a sort of (f)act that greatly resembles the ritual of religio.
Cage listens to the sound happening, to ist being this way.

From, John Cage, "dia.foria", n. 8, Viareggio aprile 2012.

Dedicated to Stefano Giannotti

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